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ok i have a 240 gallon tank.i am building a base and a top(light) I framed a top put in 2 shop lights 4 ft long apiece perfect fit and am going to cover it all in oak and stain it put on stained doors with some brass handles and wholla!a huge bad ass tank.but I did not think about feeding them All in all the lid I am guessing wieghs around 85 pounds ,are there any tricks i should think about to put the lid on hinges (i got the filter tubes already figured out)so the lid will not be under to much stress when it is lifted?I plan on using gas shocks similar to what is usecto help in lifting trunks in little cars but am worried about wieght?what is going to happen if i just use 2 2*12s to secure lid to base?It just does not sit right in my head I know I am missing something but can'T put my fingetr on it.
Category: General Contractor Post By: IDA HOPKINS (Ogden, UT), 02/04/2018

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